The day I stopped wearing a watch and started scraping my tongue

People are starting to take advantage of preventative health measures, while cutting out useless accessories in their lives. Studies show that people spend 5 hours / day on their smart phones and look at their phone on average 50 times / day. Why in the world would anyone need a watch when they are looking at a screen that has a clock almost all the time.


When we cut out wearing watches we are consciously making a decision to not buy into excessive societal norms. With that comes a better understanding of our health and well being. We are more likely to be health conscious and look into preventive health measures. One important measure is tongue scraping.


Small groups have been tongue scraping for hundreds of years, but only today is it becoming mainstream to be health conscious and take on preventative health measures. Scraping the nasty bacteria on your tongue prevents sore throats, sinus infections, and heart disease. A great tongue scraper can be found at

If you're someone that is dropping the watch and picking up a tongue scraper then you're really on the right track to a healthy and successful life.